Friday, July 31, 2009

Arabian Homes

Some weeks ago I wrote about the possibility of getting a villa in the Arabian Homes compound. This has become reality and I'm now living in Arabian Homes since my return to Saudi 3 weeks ago. Arabian Homes is one of the best compounds in Riyadh and is one of the preferred ones of the expatriate community here. It has got around 250 villas, high security, 16 swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, shops, restaurants and lots of other services. There live people from all over the world here, mostly westerners and once inside the compound the only thing remembering you are in Saudi Arabia is the sound of the call to prayer from the mosque at the other side of the wall.
I'm sharing the villa with 2 colleagues of mine, André and Filipe. The villa is big, like everything is big in Saudi and has got 4 bedrooms. And I am loving it, it really makes all the difference, it is great living here, having my own house here, getting to know people, jumping into the pool after work, etc.
Our villa is the one in the right corner.


  1. Can you receive visits for the weekend?
    LOL :)

  2. It's been over a do you like it? I'm considering moving to Riyadh and looking at compoounds....Ali

  3. how much does it cost per annum??

  4. 2 bed apartment cost 155k SAR per year